Distribution Box Explosion Proof

The enclosure serie are normally installed in the industrial plants, with potential hazardous athmosphere of gases and combustible dust and therefore classified as Zone 1 – 2 – 21 -22 or Class I Division I,II Group A,B,C,D,E,F. These enclosures are primarily used with the function of:
Enclosures for terminals and bus-bars
Enclosures for fuses, trasformers, ballast and other electrical equipment with indipendent functionality.
Control stations and monitoring units. Motor starters in variuos configurations.
Type Of Protection : II 2 GD Ex de IIC , T6
Indeks Protection : IP 66
Material : Allumunium
Certificate : ATEX, Ceneleg, IEC Ex
Dimension : EJB 21,31,51,61,63,71,91 and BXT-I-W until BXT-VIII-W