Panel Direct On Line (Dol) Explosionproof

The enclosure serie are normally installed in the industrial plants, with potential hazardous athmosphere of gases and combustible dust and therefore classified as Zone 1 – 2 – 21 -22 or Class I Division I,II Group A,B,C,D,E,F. These enclosures are primarily used with the function of:
Enclosures for terminals and bus-bars
Enclosures for fuses, trasformers, ballast and other electrical equipment with indipendent functionality.
Control stations and monitoring units. Motor starters in variuos configurations.
Other type of application is that to be able to directly get in field the starting of the machine with the whole complex of starting set inside our enclosures. In this case can be had, others to the magneto-thermal protection, also the starting, that, function of the typology of operated machine, can be or in Short Circuit (DOL) Direct On Line
Type Of Protection : II 2 GD Ex de IIC , T6
Indeks Protection : IP 66
Material : Allumunium
Certificate : ATEX, Ceneleg, IEC Ex
Dimension : EJB 21,31,51,61,63,71,91 and BXT-I-W until BXT-VIII-W
Power : DOL 1.5 Kw until 75 Kw