Senter / Torch / Flashlight

Designed for explosive atmosphere Zone 1,Zone 2 or Class I Division I,II Group A,B,C,D,E,F
Designed for Groups IIA,IIB,IIC Temperature classes T1~T4。
Designed for petroleum exploitation, refinery, storage, chemistry, medicine, military and military facilities etc.Sites with explosive atmosphere.
Easy to carry, mainly used as portable lighting for explosive atmosphere, and lighting for pipe maintain.
Using HB LED as lamp sources.
Explosion protection property: Using magnetic touch off with good explosion proof ,electrostatic resistance effect, can be used in any explosive atmosphere sites.
High efficiency and energy saving: High volume no memory battery with features of long service life,low self discharging, environmental protection and economic, service life reach 100 thousand hours.
Water resistance and impact resistant: enclosure is made of rigid alloy material with good impact resistance.Several layers water resistance can make it can works under aviation.
Work time: Continuous working time reach 11 hours, can meet the on duty need and emergency need.Charging time is 4.5 hours,can support 6 months usage.
Type Of Protection : II 2 GD Ex d IIC , T6
Indeks Protection : IP 65
Material : Allumunium
Certificate : ATEX, Ceneleg, IEC Ex
Source : Battery and Electric Charger

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